Our Mission

Migration remains a hot topic in our time: in the hopes for a better future Without terror, war and starvation, millions leave their homes and hope to live among us.

We want to support the cultural together as strong and fast as possible to create a harmonious and Living society.

A Call



The nomadic and mobile nature of the IMM allows us to support new and elder residents of all classes and origins to have a wider access to social and cultural events.

We want to create new opportunities and perspectives for those in need and give them the chance to show their talents, to express themselves, to participate, to be the star of the show or just a spectator who enjoys it.

A dialogue in action about values,

democracy, human behavior and

humanity itself!

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The culture of cultures

The IMM operates interdisciplinary. we cooperate with associations and local authorities while being based on artistic values.

Together we can create greatness.

a stranger that you may not understand  can show you a world that is beyond yours. If we come together we represent different countries, experiences and make

the limits of our potential infinite.