CASE STUDY HOUSING


bombs are still falling in parts of Syria and waer is still ongoing. many of our participants, most of them refugees, are constantly concerned about their relatives over there. Having a strong desire for lasting peace and asking themselves what the future holds.

As absurd as it might seem at first glance, it is not only important for those refugees to come up with ideas, developing images of how they see their lives in the future, how their country of origin will look like and if they will be able to see their Loved ones again.

The 'Case Study Houses' was developed in the US 1950 and provides material and a basis for the discourse in a historic context.  The architectural drawings are a base for discourse and for new designs to create the urgently needed  'Case Studies' for future coexistence.

The thought about utopia, the ability to think about the future is also made possible by leaving the seclusion of refugee shelters, to be able to come together with locals, to talk and to laugh again.

We sincerely thank everyone for making this possible.

As we are an independent NGO our work is dependent on volunteers and also on your support.

Donations are urgently needed and welcome. Thank you!

We cooperate with Museums, the Red Cross, Red Halfmoon and other Instituions and NGO's.

Pictures are from different projects of the  IMM  and the book 'case study houses' published  by Taschen.